Children shows


The Rob the Magician show is packed full of fun, laughs, mayhem, and magic.

It’s a complete children’s show, and includes ventriloquism, puppets and balloon animals, as well as the hilarious and mysterious magic tricks that keep the children spellbound.


Rob’s philosophy behind his performances is that the children should participate in the show as much as possible. And participate they do! The entire audience is encouraged to shout magic words, wave their arms, make funny movements with their bodies and help out in the show. Children from the audience are brought on stage throughout the performance to assist with the magic. lt’s fun and active, and everyone stays involved.

It’s the FUNNY magic show!

Rob is a funny magician. The children laugh constantly at his silly antics: He can’t seem to make the magic happen without the children helping him. When he tries to do things by himself, his equipment breaks, or the trick simply doesn’t work. But when the children are helping him, everything is successful and truly magical. The kids love this aspect of the show.

Rob’s shows are for children from 3 years old and up, and they are tailored by age. Shows for three year olds are very different from shows for twelve year olds. With mixed ages, Rob will combine different elements so that the show appeals to the whole group.

3 year olds

This is the youngest audience age for Rob’s show. The show is a little shorter, and includes more funny items. If a few older children are in attendance (friends/brother or sister) it makes things much easier.

4-6 year olds

This is a great age range for Rob’s show. The younger kids follow the lead of the older children, and the laughs and fun are non-stop.

7-9 year olds

For this age the focus starts to shift more to the magic side. It’s still funny and full of participation, but more attention is placed on the magical aspect of things.


For ten year olds and above the show becomes more magical. The children can also be taught a magic trick, or learn how to make a balloon dog. It’s fun and interesting for them.


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