Canadian magician and entertainer Rob Fleming has been performing for audiences of all ages since he was a teenager.

Here is a brief outline of his magical career.

Rob became interested in magic in the same way as many other magicians: by watching a professional magician perform. That very night he sat down and started to learn a few tricks. Two or three weeks later he was performing for friends and family, and not much after that he was asked to perform his first fee paying show.

Rob paid his way through university by giving magic shows. He studied during the days, and performed on weekends and during the holidays. Since those early days Rob has gone on to perform thousands of shows, around the world.

After graduating from university, he moved to Japan. He spent two years in Japan, during which time he developed the humorous side of his program, developing the strong comedy element which remains one of his trademarks to this day.

After Japan he moved to Warsaw (along with his Polish wife) and soon after started performing. The first shows in Poland were with a memorised text that Rob himself hardly understood.

Rob’s six years in Poland proved to be very successful for his magic career. He worked every type of venue, from schools to hotels, for children and senior citizens, for ambassadors and for celebrities and famous Poles. His work also took him across the entire country, performing shows in towns and cities from north to south, east to west.

Rob then moved to Hungary, where he began giving shows in Budapest. For five years he was a regular entertainer at all types of events in the capital city, once again being a favourite of embassies, corporate clients, and large audiences of happy schoolchildren.

After Budapest Rob returned to Warsaw, and once again became a regular at birthday parties, company shows, embassies and so on. In 2014  the wanderlust struck again and Rob moved to Milan, Italy. He performed shows for schools, as well as at birthday parties  and events (in English and very broken Italian).

In 2016 Rob moved back to Warsaw and plans on staying.  He is very happy to be performing again in the Polish language. His unusual accent, grammatical blunders and strange way of speaking make his already funny show even funnier.